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Sessions I Offer

30 minute Outdoor Session : 20-30 fully edited images (minimum) with an online gallery 

1 hour Outdoor Session : 30-50 fully edited images (minimum) with an online gallery 

***locations outside the Greater Toronto Area are subject to additional travel costs

1 hour Studio Session : 30-50 fully edited images (minimum) with an online gallery 

***studio is located in Toronto and bookings are limited to studio availability


I would love to connect with you to create your perfect family photoshoot! 

Once you have an idea of what type of session you would like to book, please fill out the information in the form below. Once I get back to you, we can begin planning! 

If you don't have a location in mind, not to worry! I am more than happy to work with you to provide suggestions and ideas as to where might work best. Also, if you have any specific ideas, please share them! There are no bad ideas, and I would love to collaborate with you to create a unique and meaningful session for you and your family.


I will not be taking bookings in the GTA area from July 1st 2024-July 1 2025, however, if you planning a family holiday, and would be interested in capturing some family photos while you are away, please see my travel dates below:

Europe (Spain, France, Slovenia, Hungary, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey) - August to October 2024

Africa (Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania) - November to December 2024

South East Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka) -  January  to March 2025

New Zealand - April 2025

If any of these dates match your plans, feel free to send me an inquiry below!

What you need to know before our photoshoot!

What to wear:

I always say that it's best to stick to solid coloured clothing for photo sessions, rather than patterns. Neutrals and muted colours work, as well as textures (rather than bright bold patterns). In terms of coordinating, there is no need to completely match, but rather compliment each others outfits (usually colours within the same colour family work well together, such as warm or cool tones). Also, no big logos please! Just think - the goal is to have you and your family shine, rather than your clothing. The most important thing, however, is that you are all comfortable so that you can focus on interacting with each other rather than worrying about your outfits!

Feel free to bring an extra outfit if you wish! Something that is easy to change into can provide a fun way to change up your look for your photo session.

What to bring:

A few things can come in handy on the day of our photo session, including any make up, a hair brush, or hair ties, for a quick touch up. Face wipes and tissue can also be useful to wipe off anything from kids faces. If you know that your child can be consoled with a toy or snack, feel free to bring some along as well! If you are bringing your dog along with you to our session, treats and toys are a must!

How to prepare on the day of:

If your family members are feeling a little nervous about the session, I encourage you to hype them up! Practice some fun faces in the mirror with your children, and make sure that young kids are adequately rested before the shoot. Leave lots of time to get dressed and ready so that you can come to the session stress free and ready to have fun! 

During the session:

The best part! Once we get started, I will give everyone direction and prompts so that we can capture those precious moments on camera. Don't worry if the kiddos are getting fussy - if they can see that you're relaxed then they will take that same cue! Also, I encourage you all to play and have fun together during the session! This is where the magic happens, and your most authentic natural smiles will come from!

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